Valerie Dodge,

Instructional Designer,

Curriculum Developer

Hello, I'm Valerie. I'm an instructional designer currently based in Hong Kong. I have over 10 years of experience designing engaging content, training and educational programs that effectively target learning objectives and skill enhancements. Check out my work below.

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xAPI-Enabled Anti-Money Laundering: Concerns and Conduct Tutorial

This concept project is a branching scenario intended for account managers working in a financial institution. This scenario was designed to mimic a potential real-life situation and educate these frontline employees on their company’s policies and expectations for handling anti-money laundering (AML) non-compliance concerns within their own team.

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xAPI-Enabled Sailboat Parts ID: Study Aid

This drag and drop interaction was designed as a blended learning solution for students taking an existing introduction to sailing course. It allows users to practice identifying the various parts of a sailboat and provides learners with a brief description of the purpose of each of the 15 most common parts of a sailboat.

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Lembeh Fish ID - Tab Menu: Micro-Interaction

This small Articulate Storyline project is a Fish ID interaction that allows users to learn about some of the unique marine life found in the Lembeh Strait. This interaction demonstrates the use of variables, states and triggers to create an intuitive tab menu with set button behaviors.

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Valerie M Dodge