About Me

I am a life-long bookworm, geek and avid traveler with a passion for scuba diving, underwater photography, kitesurfing, rock climbing and recently sailing. You’re as likely to find me binge reading a good book as you are to find me pursuing an adrenaline filled activity.

I have over 11 years of experience in educational program development and curriculum design.
I have lived, worked and or taught in 4 countries. A life-long learner, I hold degrees in Advertising and Theatre Studies, minors in Business and Asian studies as well as a Master’s in Applied Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition.  

To put it frankly, I love to learn and I especially enjoy talking with people about the subjects that they're passionate about. Let’s talk about what you and your company are passionate about. Send me an email to start the conversation!

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Valerie M Dodge